The termites are one of the most destructive pests that cause damage to our household properties in huge proportion. They have evolved over the years to digest the wood cellulose and utilise the energy derived from its consumption.  The termite population loves to inhabit in all those places where the humidity level is high. The queen or female termite lays 1 egg on an interval of 2 to 3 seconds, that is, 25 eggs per minute on average. As they reproduce rapidly, it is extremely necessary for you to take the required steps, and control their growth at the very first sign of their infestation with the able guidance of a leading termite treatment services provider in Kolkata or wherever you may require in India.


The termites came to this world even before the Dinosaur era. Earliest termite fossils discovered to date was found to be over 130 million years old.   

During the time of emperor Ashoka, people were known to take good care of the termites and preserved them as they were regarded as eco-friendly social insects feeding on dead cells of the trees, which, in return helped to develop forestry in the then times.

 The termites are generally found in tropical regions and live above the water level.


Our in-house team of handpicked experts with many years of industry-experience in termite control will perform a rigorous inspection of your affected premises leveraging the latest technologies and implementing the best business practices. They will also prepare a comprehensive strategy for arresting the damage and preventing it from becoming more severe in the event the termites are detected.

Professional Termite Treatment And Household Tips For Effective Termite Management

  • As the termites typically infest during the period of June to November, ensure that there is ample airflow in the closed areas of where you live and/or work, whichever may applicable
  • Perform periodic inspections of all the rooms that are proximate to your restroom in the aforementioned time frame
  • Call Jupiter Pest Control as soon as you are to spot any potential sign of termite infestation


  • Ensuring quality and trustworthiness is our first and foremost priority
  • With our 40 years of rich and diverse experience in the pest control service industry, we have successfully purpose-designed a comprehensive, cost-effective, and customizable strategy for offering end to end termite control treatment for retail clientele, corporates, and business houses 
  • Our termite management specialists are not only duly certified but possess an impressive volume of domain-knowledge and an unparalleled level of varying skill sets
  • We offer a wide array of termite management services for safeguarding your family, property, and business