Bed bugs are notoriously disgusting pests that are responsible for causing tremendous discomfort and annoyance to people. They only thrive on human blood and are a prime cause of allergies, skin infections, and severe itching. When a person is bitten by the bed bug, it leaves unpleasant marks on one’s body and takes quite a long time to heal. Hence, you are expected to properly identify bed bug infestation in the first place for availing top-notch bed bug treatment in Kolkata, or wherever you may require and without any delay.

Bed bugs infest residential properties and commercial establishments. They can come from any valid source, such as travel luggage, school bags, laundry, neighbor’s premises, and domestic helps, to name a few. It is incredibly challenging to locate these bugs and prevent their spread because of their small footprint and the very ability to hide in bed frames, furniture, comforters, mattresses, storage spaces, corners, and crevices. Hence, you should not hesitate to opt for professional pest control services in Kolkata, or wherever you may need and with utmost promptness. 


  • When you notice a bed bug, it can be identified by closely observing its colour and shape, and they usually resemble apple seeds after attaining adulthood
  • You can also be sure about the infestation in the event you find scatterings of juvenile bed bug skins and the same is easily traceable 
  • Bed bugs go back to their habitat after feeding and defecate brown to black stains on non-porous and porous surfaces
  • While bite marks on one’s skin may be a potential indicator of bed bug activity, their existences should be substantiated by observing and accumulating additional evidence, as other insects may cause skin rashes as well


  • Our bed bug management specialists will perform a rigorous inspection of all possible and potential bed bug hiding spots before injecting advanced chemicals in the affected areas
  • A special spray having a mild odour is applied further for ensuring complete protection against the bed bugs


  • We offer the very best and latest in professional bed bug management in eastern India and our chemicals are premium grade
  • Our insecticides are completely safe for children, pregnant women, pets, and individuals with a history of allergies
  • Our bed bug experts are well-trained, background verified, and highly skilled