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Jupiter Pest Control is at your service since the year 1979. In 41 long years of our journey, we pledged to build strong bondage with  our B2B and B2C such as corporates, government sectors, and private customers.

Your trust is our strength. Our quality matters the most hence we never compromise with it. We have trained and experienced technicians who are always at your service with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Since years our family business has built a reputation for delivering professional pest control solutions safely and effectively to protect our customer’s residence, health, and property at an affordable price. By taking the drive towards professionalism and person promise along, Jupiter Pest Control has become the social pillar in the Kolkata area.


The vision of Jupiter Pest Control is to provide peace of mind to our community by protecting & preserving, health & property through professional trust worthy pest control services for our residential, commercial & government clients, while creating a safe, family oriented work experience for our team of professional.


Jupiter Pest Control is a team of dedicated, positive & successful professionals who constantly strive to conduct ourselves with the highest level of Honesty, Integrity & Expertise. We work very hard at earning our client’s trust & confidence through building relationships & delivering exceptional, consistent services. We provide the best quality trained professionals who will respect your house or business & treat it as if it were their own.


We as Jupiter Pest control have more than 40 years of experience in Pest Control service which makes us the leader of the industry, expertise in shield against common pests, such as termites, mosquito, bed bug and insects.  Our core values are:-

    • SAFETY

Being a certified pesticide applicator, we understand that safety holds high importance. As responsible beings, we not only ensure safety parameters for our customers and employees but also for the environment.


Integrity, being one of our major concerns, we carry out our services with utmost honesty even in critical situations. Before we get into the field we assess everything based on the “Four-way Test’ by Rotary International. The assessment factors include –

  1.   Are we maintaining honesty and the truth?
  2.   Are we being fair to all?
  3.   Will it bring goodwill and help in building stronger relationships?
  4.   How will everyone benefit from the work done?  

The team of Jupiter Pest Control maintains the utmost professionalism every second. Not being partial to anyone and maintaining the required gesture, our employees will receive you with the greatest respect, whether you be a customer or a competitor. We ensure to offer result-driven services to make sure your investment counts.


Being fortunate and grateful enough to work in the heart of Kolkata along with a supportive community, we stand by these communities, both as a team and as an individual.




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We are specialized in providing protection against common disease-spreading insects such as termites, spiders, etc. With an experience of almost 40 years, we are among the best organizations offering bug control services.



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