Rodents are pretty much infamous for contaminating food, spreading deadly diseases, and causing severe damage to household appliances, electrical wirings, and electronic circuits. They multiply fast and pose serious hazards to people for their sheer number, creating a host of issues with respect to the personal health and hygiene of an individual. They cause enough damage to packing materials, electrical cables, apparels, and equipment for their characteristic propensity to constant gnawing. Hence, it is no surprise why warehouses, factories, homes, commercial buildings, and hospitals are increasingly resorting to top-grade rodent control in Kolkata and elsewhere in the country. 

Many fatal diseases, such as Leptospirosis, Plague, and Salmonellosis, to name a few, are spread by these rodents. Businesses across the different cities in India lose a substantial share of their annual revenue as the rodents chew tonnes of food grains from the storehouses every year. A rodent infestation must be dealt with promptness by engaging any leading rodent control in Kolkata or wherever it may be required and as early as possible.


  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Impeccable customer service
  • Experienced and trained professionals
  • We employ environment-friendly solutions only
  • Our products and procedures are non-toxic and do not pose any threat to pets and humans
  • If required, we also use state-of-the-art baiting and trapping devices that are totally tamper-proof and lockable


Our highly qualified rodent management specialists with several years of industry-experience will inspect the affected premises and plan an impeccable strategy accordingly. 


We have an AMC or annual maintenance contract that offers periodic monitoring and check-up visits for apartments, homes, condominiums, row houses, common areas, bungalows, corporate offices, and business establishments.


When it comes to cutting-edge rodent control that is cost-effective as well, Jupiter Pest Control is the undisputed leader and best pest control services in Eastern India, offering enviable expertise, the very best and latest in pest management technology, along with strict adherence to the most stringent food and environmental safety norms.